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a vindication of the much maligned officers in command of the

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it is proper to add, the author himself regards as a " short and very imperfect

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guage introduced on the occasion I may enumerate the following, indicating,

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which went unrecognized. The six undoubted deaths from

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of Lieut. C, the latter of whom was within a few feet of him when he was

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the kind had been noticed before the traumatism and there

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ance of bed-sores, not due to the direct pressure, and to

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June 22d. — Face less swollen ; can open her eyes; no pain. Continuentur

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1899; 6 in 1898; 10 in 1897; 14 in 1886. Roumania, Bulgaria

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much inclined to assume the skiagraphic eye when mak-

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place at his house in Cavendish Square, of fever, and after a very short ill-

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on the eighth day. In the third case, Mr. Guthrie tied the common iliac,

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about the room, and they soon returned with great activity, and in less than

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oess and to the hard and fast rules which have been set

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slowly excreted. He states that in very acute cases of tertiary

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acts of Congress on the subject of trademarks were founded

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itself. Now, hwever, we know that while the toxin is

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the experience of the medical profession. The book is well

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As the callus undergoes divers changes, not only with regard to consis-

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In Cases 29 and 30 I used the solution of adrenalin

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groups, are those who meet with discouragement when

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the' light of nostrum "write-ups" or testimonials, when favor-

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I to that produced by dilatation of an irritable and con-

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by and associated with a great public functionary —

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country, and particularly amongst the military, rather large quantities of

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be formed in the tissues by the abnormal decomposition

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human economy. . Says Professor Prescott (Senate Ke-

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plegia and anesthesia : knee and ankle clonus and plantar reflexes

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the week ending March 0. there were 7879 deaths from the

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faculty upon the corporation of the university. Dr. William

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avoided, on the one hand, and the longitudinal sinus, on the other. The

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papers on "Why a City Should Have Sewerage," or the question of

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cavernosum follows in every respect the most simple laws. In making the

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admitted during March, 39 discharged, 35 remaining under

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diagramed by Roberts, was recalled, in which the spleen, us-

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column, and this will tie deemed by us a full equivalent to thoae

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tion. In unilateral trouble the ganglion of the corresponding

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certain degree of preliminary education, including the ordinary

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many problems still to be unraveled, we are nevertheless