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plished. The remainder can be left (and drained) if
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on pricking the patient with a pin, and the paroxysm is apt to
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among them, nor does he consider his figures complete
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he published in 15(18, 15(*)8, and l.")74, subsequent to the original edition
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The author of a Review of the article, by J. F. Peebles, M. D.,
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direct and supervise the staff engaged in this work.
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times, that they are not independent systems of nerves, but that the sympathetic L<
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an immense tract of lung is converted into a semi-translucent
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X, 1903, of the Annalen der Physik. The principle of
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affections, a clear understanding of the subject has thereby been
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too large to heal without aid. After all of the sutures
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pect ; the tongue becomes dry and brown or black ; hiccough and vomiting
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Influenza prevailed over a wide area in the United States during the
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He presented himself among Mr. Maunder's out-patients on the
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2 months, when left for N.S.W. ; no recoi'd since.*] Attacks with
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at its sudden rise and great popularity, and at its immense
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over-stimulation, it may prove fatal, by inducing chronic inflam-
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scopical examination. I prescribed injections of one part of hydrozone and ten
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lished as suddenly as it had previously disappeared ; and the
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been traced to contamination of water supplied by pipes ; and their import-
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dwellings for the tenants, while there arc large cleared spaces
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Good, wholesome, and easily assimilable food should be given, together with
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with the cholesterol ized antigen only, the chances are about 7 to 1 that
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This appears to be the case particularly when the continuance
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