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tance, forming osseous projections in the same. Sometimes,

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on all sides. The odor, however, was very strong. The

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value. Beans, peas, meat and whole bread are also indicated.

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precautions are given. Excellent results are stated to have been obtained, and

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The quickness with which tlie pancreatic gland tan be

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ing order, and is more easily rend ■■red aseptic.

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Post mortem examination revealed about four or five feet of

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ditions of the season. In warm and moist autumns, unmodified hy

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coccus pyogenes aureus and bacillus coli. The researches,

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and develop an operating personnel, because when an op-

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trudging Homer and the blind Milton might have been welcome,

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chloral, opium, or stimulants are used, or for their local effect, on

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but, when the medical history of our civil war shall be writ-

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matters, such as lard, butter, &c, which are very rich in carbon ;

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their structure, that, as soon as it is fairly arrested, the patient

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Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; Surgeon to Mercer's

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younger members of the profession it must seem strange

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physician was consulted, in others the Magi. These latter some-

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days. Ulceration is the usual termination of the infection if untreated

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through Dr. Lyman and others, made an exhaustive examination

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possible, night and day, so long as the temperature is

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of the olfactory mucous membrane ; or (3) from pathological conditions in

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following, and he then found that the poor bird had con-

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in contact with the diseased part. At least this is the theory of the use