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power of granting diplomas of license," was adopted. Ayes

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medical units, but are varied to suit terrain and prob-

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F. tubercle bacilli were not entirely killed because the

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matter, though of a more albuminous nature. No appearance of free fat by

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endemic in certain portions of India. Most European countries have in the

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behind him in America many beautiful records of his visit ;

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except the slight irritation due to scarification — are noticed until the thini

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also take from one and a half to two times the dose taken by

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and outlines, (a) These diagrams may be taken as types of the

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appears, and only in severe cases. In very mild instances

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countries, the inhabitants might prepare beverages from grapes, or apples, or

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was still pervious to the place of its entering the brain.

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Mr. Brenchley. On admission a large pulsating swelling occu.

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constitutes a principal branch of that division of medicine,

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glass slide are avoided. 4. The chamber is covered with a glass (D) before attempting

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in inflammatory diseases (scarlatina, measles, and diphtheria).

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weakening the system, and thus defeat their object ; but still others,

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larynx, any attempt to relieve by operation — tracheotomy —

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ansemia, the Latin races have a prejudice in favour of strong

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no distress after eating. No jaundice, no constipation, no cou^,

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Washington, stated that as in diseases of the nose, the affec-

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various cities where medical college buildings have been

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been prepared for the operation, the operator,, if right

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sporadic cases just described, it occurs endemically in the goitrous regions

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by the Connecticut State Medical Society to take these questions under

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ments, just published, of Dr. Reich and Prof. Blauel, of Vienna.

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Visceral Tetany and Pidmonary Tuhercidosis. There is one

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plant; on board ship, the captain; in the street, the nearest policeman

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