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of the two medical schools in Wisconsin and the med-

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isfactory in about one-third of the cases operated ; aside from this, the operation

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three at the right while moving rapidly. The time intervals are shown in the notched line above

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Clapp & Son, Boston, Mass. Articles accepted with the understanding that they appear only in

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Onlv tliree limited cc^rtificates have been issued, and those

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tion in the future. As the law now stands a birth goes unrecorded

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Polite Literature, &c., published in the Philosophical Trans-

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on, and has been combined with morphine, quinine, ether, etc. I was

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home. Such patients often do well by a long sea voyage through sunny

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is more laborious and attended with a characteristic lifting of the

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not be adopted in a case of uterine rupture, in which the

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Dr. Taylor in the propriety of watching closely all suspected

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iron, iron and copper sulphates, arsenic, cinchona, quinine,

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closed, the vaginal portion may retain its normal length. Besides this,

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Original Research, WITH Report OF Cases. By A.M.Holmes, A.M, M.D., Denver, Col.

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11 We vory cheerfully recommend this work to our readers, as boing rich

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for the surgical treatment of asthma. Surgery, 13:495,

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" The. black-root is very highly celebrated by those

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l)eing evinced. Insensibility of the affected side to

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who, at an early da}', invited the Surgeon-General and the other

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is due to a simple increase of muscular tissue, and is in

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result of the direct sedative effect of the cold ; but it is

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specific in pneumococcal ulcers of the cornea, especially

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of efforts of the fund. He listed as reasons a milk short-

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Cases do occur, however, in which free HCl is present, as when carcinoma i>f

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The firm adhesion to this principle caused the name of this master

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which tlie parts are covered with cotton. When the patient

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of the corpora quadrigemina with the optic tracts, and the secondary

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be tried. Mr. Lee concluded that the inoculability of the

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are most frequently observed in hospitals and other in-

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course of the colon was occasionally present, but the local thickenings

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He considers it a disease which may be traced through

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