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Dr. Holmes recalled a case of Sir Arthur Macau's in which the

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analyses by diluting 10 cc. of 0.1 N NaOH to 250 cc. with distilled water that has

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5. William P. Spillers, M.D., Loyola University (Illinois)

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chill, and gradually relapsed into coma, from which he

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under observation when the disease has already been of long standing. Some

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ponatraemia in the alcoholic which bears discussion:

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of observation. The rigidity came later in pancreatitis

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seen in the post-mortem theatre. Dr Williams had refrained

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are comparable with those encountered in the asthenic type of uremia

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work. The diseases most common to induce partial paralysis

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The oesophagus is less liable to disease than any other part, per-

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