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ings. The Committee feels that there is not a sufficient
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country, and hence for the insurance and increase of the profits
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In the special report of the German commission, relating to avian
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lymph glands were swollen and caseo-calcareous, while the bronchial glands
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lowing plan was adopted: That “Medical Forums” be
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the dissociation constant of oxyhaemoglobin in bloods containing the
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bruised or which is affected by malignant tumors, abscesses, suppurating sores, or liver
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What, then, it may he asked, is the relation of the desatiiration of fatty
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cent lymphocytes, 3 per cent monocytes). Urinalysis:
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bluish-pink color, which is most marked near the surface. In the region
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tissue which predominates throughout the thyroid gland, infiltrates the
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and Engel." Tawara * pointed out that the A. V. S. is isolated from the
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ciple, i. e., the wide removal of the primary lesion,
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nlotin Suppositories (capsule type), and Diethylstilbestrol Tablets 25 mg.
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