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acute disease ; for it occasionally breaks out suddenly, is attended
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ried nine years ago, had two miscarriages and two children carried to
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In Germany, which has the second highest infantile mortality rate
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have said that. My friend, Dr. Hall (he is my friend, I think a great
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colour-blindness, t. e., such colour-blindness as unfits persons for railroad employ-
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nous tissue experimented on into adipocire, and the micro-
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G.S. Johnston: The Usefulness of Gallium Scintigraphy in Primary and
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fifteen minutes. Being insoluble, it will have to be washed down
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artd qudque hord. ft. 01. Ridfoifij. SvmcU katim. To use
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the convulsions, the paralysis, and the coma of uraemia.
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and 175 per cent, had no tubercle bacilli so far as we could determine.
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&An^ir£^i'i^<.£^ JlLid^<i-4->j As-A^i-t^ £^*~^S&ui^is^jp*^t tx .<6iA J
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body in stimulating the movement, and asked each member to assist in the
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Vomiting. — This is very frequent, and occurs in 80 to 90 per cent, of
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relaxed. On the fourth day he had a fit ; after the fit he
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characteristic cancerous tubercles, umbilicated or depressed on their
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rheumatism and fevers take the first place. Of the former in
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This case presents several points of interest. In the first place, it
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and rotation (the reduction requiring, however, sev-
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ties. The so-called tests which were supposed to have
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cal Officers of the Army and Navy of the Confederacy, Nash-
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of the elbow joint. In it, on the whole, moderate shortening is
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true jest, that, however it might be with pigs and herrings, salting
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Treatment of Inebriates— A. M. Rosebrugh, Toronto. Monocular
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movements can be borne without pain ; and then, in an
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ment of the chest. At the end of four days the flap had been severed from
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to the intestines may, however, be inflicted almost without the consciousness
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sometimes become insane is no more than we might expect, considering
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first sound. The pulmonary second sound is, as a rule, increased in inten-
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very large, but he had them repeated to an extent sufficient to
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Haute Loire — " But your name is Marcon 1" Yes, sir, — " What department do
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a hazel-nut lying in the soft tissues on the antero-intemal
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impairing the vital powers, the object for which diuretics and cathartics are
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weislit-lines are off, and muscle balance, if corrected, will not hold.
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question to decide is. When should an operation be undertaken? The