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symptoms at a distance from, although itself only pre-
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puerperal fever, and hopelessly succumbed to it, under the
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constriction of the vessels of that ear seems often to cause at about
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sis convert the inner wall of the ureter and of the pelvis of the kidney
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abundant in certain solid particles composed for the most part of
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the procedure is not a difficult one, is, notwithstanding,
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Pursuing this idea, he sketched some of the varied motives
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terious appliances and violent procedures of Mesmer.
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being only refreshed by the occasional administration of the saline
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to — 4 mm. Hg tested by gastric and rectal bougie balloons. He finds
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anv rate, of the force which contracts the muscles is generated
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respiration, and with the regular evacuation of her
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delivered as bottled at the farm for home-modification or other use.
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must judge in each case according to the facts, and his decision should
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" 3. Because it is an injustice to Ireland to deprive the
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Dec. 12th. — Temperature in the morning, 104°; in
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There was no red spot at the macula. The veins were smaller
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the case is confirmed by the tlu-ee published mvestigations bearing
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tal to those whose spines and chests are much distorted."
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were heard in the trachea, there were trismus, tonic and clonic
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diversify the efficiency and standards of different institutions.
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gout is therefore function failure. It is intrinsic in
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abundant purulent exudation scattered here and there over
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the name oi which it bears, but alio exifts in other provinces ; while
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formed through the activity of the morbidly altered epithelial cells,
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weeks ago, and recovered slowly. Six weeks ago lie com-
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wards and quiz students in the evening. An intern was obliged
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are permitted to be imported into healthy places. The
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Peaslee, that has recently been jjublished. and I sup-
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and the names of the committee will be announced with their
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M. D. degree which can be held responsible for ruinous blunders ;
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