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the present attack. About two weeks before consultation another attack

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muscular and arthritic affections, and gives in detail the micro-

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ish color; always exists in numbers, and of course takes an irregular

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are to be referred sudden oedema of the glottis or lungs, pleural effusion,

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one being completed in man, the other begun in man and completed

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These results confirmed their belief in the existence of a volatile poison

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affecting the secretion in the gland underneath, one way or

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adults in their productive years and causes invalidism,

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degeneration of the cutaneous tissues, by all irritating agencies, and

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pitals are recognised by the Board: — 1. Sir Patrick Dun's

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}>reachers ami prophets, and called on their parents to arouse

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have been found in the course of the nerve and it is

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tion of pain possessed by the skin protects from injury. The sharp pain which so

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of the secreting tubes are obliterated, or their tubularity no longer

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Cheney (W. F.) Typhoid fever with death in one week

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which has just recently become again the region of crit-

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should be inserted deeply at die suspected point, and if a large amount

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examine and report upon homeless cases or " ins and outs," as

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ence impose names inconsistent with chemical composition,

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about which most observers are agreed, notwithstanding

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the same view, with this difi'erence, that he gave at intervals of a

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After this deviation, let us resume our discussion upon

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kidneys, and heart, show that, under the influence of the same injimous

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Thus, Galen ^ ascribes one of the causes of malignant

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so far as we know, no great significance. Many exceedingly healthy

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Znricb. From the Third Revised and Enlarged German Edition.

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respects, and as its publication might induce other observers

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disinfecting clothing, however, is by hanging the clothing, with the pockets

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obscure origin are tuberculous. In order to establish

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1850. •Waggett, John, M.D., Perivale, Bournemouth.

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time when the insurance was effected. The admission in the letter carried the

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place by partial fission of some of these ; thus the principal