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country, nor in those countries where the soldiers and seamen

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agency of the poison: and we ought to be able to give them ad-

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taken place, no attempt is made as a rule to increase the patient's

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and the other in a case of the same fever, in which the patient died

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Sur qiielques symptoiiies present6s par les individns por-

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were found in the intestinal canal. They have also been observed in the

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The site and size of the drainage tube is of the greatest importance

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the meaning of statutes, we have nothing to do with variances

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nate officer recovered so far as to be able to embark for his

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needle is now armed with a wire, carried up in the groove of the

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ical or linguistic display. From this position, witli the conscientiousness of

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stimulants, and all the cholera drugs which the late Board of Health

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deemed to be one of the qualifications described in

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the tartrate of antimony by Dr. Barlow; fresh rennet by Gray

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stems, from nine inches to a foot in hight. The stems

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crania. The result of microscopic examination was, however, quite

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carbon dioxide. Exercise in_ general is of benefit to rheumatoid

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because the pain is not great and experience has taught even the

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with the view to correct the general adynamic condition of her system, and

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Heather Johnston Obstetrics/Gynecology . . . .Franklin Square Hospital Center

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followed the example of his late father, who at one time w^as

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for an indefinite period. The success obtained by some authors in the

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Prognosis. — Cases recognized and treated early usually recover,

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sulphide of potassium, in the proportion of two ounces to fifteen gallons,

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3d, of general Epidemics ; endeavoring, at the outset, to define more

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mass and could not be traced to the infiltrated layers of the stomach.

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attack of right-sided facial paralysis succeeded to sore throat with pyrexia.

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medical legislation. There are many cases in this connection,