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cated, though in unequal degrees. The more obvious symptoms of the

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radius, complicated by fracture of the coronoid process of the

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vary from lethargy to coma and finally end in death. There is one mech-

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hand, I began a series of operations on the right one,

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of only secondary importance to the gymnastic exercises,

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regulations that have been in practical and successful use ; the instructions

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ends of the metacarpal or metatarsophalangeal bones give an ap-

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body weight comes more upon the posterior spinal lig-

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that the oesophageal arteries near the cardiac end had been

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stomach pump, emetics, cardiac stimulants, and pilocarpine

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were resected, and on division of the bowel the latter

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are told that inlhunmation of the portal vein constitutes the starting-point

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moderate stimulation from the former would be more likely to

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with a few drops of strong sulphuric acid: this destroys the organic mattes

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outer and pressing upon the posterior portion of the supramarginal

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General stable duties and customs. Protection of weak horses

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acknowledged his talents. Yet he has floundered, floundered all

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The arrest of emboli was favored by the infantile state of por-