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the anterior half of the line of fracture, the periosteal fibres, are
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meson, the dorsal margin of the meson or mesal plane : e, enteron, the ali-
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side. 1 The proboscis is not banded ; the abdomen is banded
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absorption of water from the stomach is slight, 1 and since the absorption
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we may perceive a fetid odor, which comes from his mouth and nose.
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microbes is mostly due, has already called attention to this
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deceased having been murdered. Much, it is true, rested upon the moral and
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after operations for Lare-lip, or the ligature of large iioevi, and
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commencement of the intoxication. During this period studies of
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soning of the nerve-centres, however, is said to differ from that
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lung undergoes atrophy, the pertaining bronchi will tend to expand, in
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but the annoyance, great as it is, is but trifling compared with
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and more or less tenacious. On examination with a microscope, the
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intermittent fever by the employment of the bark of certain trees which bark was
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of Anatomy in Aberdeen. He died very suddenly, to the over-
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histories of the two diseases varied widely, the former being
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merely, but the last of any kind, that I am ever likely to deliver
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ment des affections oculaires. Ann. de la j?oliclin. de Bor-
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(Sir W.) A case of osteo-plastic resection of the foot by
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te of a boy, aged thirteen : he died in about thirty-six hours. But less thaii
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pares with 270 cases for this two-month period last year,
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A curious case of a child 15 months old has been recorded by Warding,
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is it possible to give an appearance of grasping, similar to that which is
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in theoi)posite eye an acute neuro-retinitis, with opalescent
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difficult to look at fibrine as anything but a most necessary
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twenty-four years of age. I learned that he had had a hard chancre about
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removed at autopsy from the bladder of an individual dead with acute
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Having endeavoured to shew that the production of purulent