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On admission to hospital, there was a marked swelling in the left loin,
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provided with a hollow blind tip beyond the fenestrations, so
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properties, and that its vast abundance in the adjoining State of New Jer-
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the Professional Staff, .'\nthony A. Bowlbv, Senior
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he mentions the theory of older physicians, that this form of jaundice is
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Having tried the imported acid, and found it entitled to little reliance,
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is precisely the same as that of the bar. The doctors of London,
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Congenital syphilitic pancreatitis was found by Birch-Hirschfeld in
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it can be strictly adhered to. We may be rather obtuse on this
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cated the willingness of the Section to help train local
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2. Material errors due to the mechanical integration of surfaces.
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are remarkable for their yellowish green color, which recalls the
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occupy a suitable place in recent treatises on the subject. Among
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to aid them in securing comfortable accommodations without delay.
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On the " Germanic " (loth August) will sail : Mr. and Mrs.
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thermometer at Naples may be estimated at 60° (10.5 Cent.); that of other
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surely. The patient has a normal temperature, pulse, and
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•nd persistent low temperature, are perhaps invariably fatal. Tlifugb the
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prizes in war time, in the distribution of which he ranked as
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alkaloid with chemical similarity to reserpine. It is a crystalline powder,
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without a break in the structure. The arrangement of
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periodically think maybe I ought to try to get back
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and sul^jects, designed to render conveniently acces-
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Accordingly, in view of all the circumstances, the Lord President would not
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In 181 1 these sums were changed to $1.34 and 12^ cents. In '14
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drical bones in this disease ; and Lehmann states that the fluid occurring in these bones