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is, perhaps, the best possible remedy we can use in asthma dependent on

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which may weigh from 4 to 6 pounds. Certain rare cases of this " hyper-

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Tuesday, August 12th : Medical Societies of the Counties of

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foi's, 1890, 3.5-59, 1 pl. Also, transl : N. uiol Cmiialbl.,

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crazy. While in this condition, a cow may lose her calf a,nd never find it again and

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regarding certificates; by citizens from the action of district

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tightly fitting tube into the trachea, to arrest hemorrhage and

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miles away from any one who does, it forms an additional clue. The

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guide the left blade into position, which was easily

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if the distension is not increasing or causing tension, and if the

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looked by the patient. The other case was clearly one

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even one-tenth of all those affected failed to exhibit the eruption ? Or is there

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regarding the value of this symptom as evidence of death from

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Blennorrhagic arthritis has naturally been attributed to

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affects the vascular wall; whether it occurs on its outer surface or its inner

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reached by direct treatment, and, on the other hand,

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an alkaloid obtained from several species of coca. A colorless, odor-*

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ligature will not cause suppurating inflammation ; but in

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is more laborious and attended with a characteristic lifting of the

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nity Health Care Plan, 221 Whitney Ave., New Haven, CT

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less intermission. In May he became liable to attacks of syncope, accompanied

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physicians, who see most of diseases of the nervous system, are

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insignificant. The sphincter ani is also weak, so that a loose stool can be

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diminishes the pulsation in the distal portion of the

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evidently supervened, and at a consultation of the hos-

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surgeon on active lios])ital duty in ]\ralta. It is practical and

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intense vascularity, almost of a livid hue, of the surrounding mucous