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Sodium salicylate has been recommended, but is probably valueless. Thiosin-
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Lieutenant Colonel Henry Norris, Med-ORC, Rutherfordton.
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mann — the disease was of twenty-four years' duration.
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and oedema had quickly supervened. Finally it had been loos-
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detects less than 50% of tumors that are less than 2 cm in
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trition, the power of co-ordination, and the muscular
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ists expressed their conviction that the case was neverthe
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profitable to the student and creditable to our profession, have been
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5 The inter-relation of the different epidemic poisons on such occasions is much
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amputation, then the wound never became infected, but,
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extremely fat and the colouring highly florid, the tint of the cheeks
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of the coronet of either the hind or fore foot, caused by
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mortality rate of 18% for those whose protime increased
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it is to be gradually placed on its feet. At first it will be much
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of proportionate (%) agreement. Because proportionate
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and pain, and why probably the contained air, not finding a ready exit
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ations. The growth of hair on the scalp is luxuriant,
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The disease seems to be more common on the continent of Europe than
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improvement must be referred to the study of the so-called functional tests
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probability of puerperal convulsions in any case, these I believe to
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irritation giving rise to a sort of endarteritis obliterans ; so also at the
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have to wait only six or seven months to find out if you are wrong
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of cases which will afford some practical information as to the
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the congestion as well as the swelling of the interary-
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strong therapeutical standing. The lest used hy Dr. ILire was
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eral, the pelvic distortion results in a slight apparent dif-
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inspector note the imperfections of a given number of children. How
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gives an account of ten cases under his own observation (occurring in Professor
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