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over the affected muscles, being careful to use the weakest current Avhich
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best treated by squeezing out the contents of the follicles and applying
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in: N. ihmtpel, med. Snppl.. 1892, i, 439: 1893, ii, 56(i, 1
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slight chills, furred tongue, great prostration of strength early in
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they do not, the femur cannot be maintained in its place, after it has been reduced.
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responsibility. I think that is part of the duties of our prosecutor without any resolution of
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the beha\dor of the tube depends on whether the ovarian
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a specific germ in the system. It may attack the individual locally, and
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the injection ; and, second, the oblique insertion of
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of the heart muscle — eg, myocardial infarction, ventricu-
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served might be attributed to the action of the serum.
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hurried. Altogether he had the look of a man who must
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a stimulus is applied to a peculiarly irritable muscle, producing at first a
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remarks on the Venereal Diseases Commission, your readers
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eral symptoms and with the establishment of convalescencr. The same
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nant females; or when habitual excess in the use of fermented liquors has
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his long illness with Christian fortitude. His end,
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out of his situation or work. StiU, he will get his stimulants '
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much less extent. During the preceding fortnight he had suf-
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general has shown that any peripheral irritation of serious
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was discharged from the hospital at the end of the third week,
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creased one drop a day. She was discharged, April 10th,
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but true narcotics are trifurious.^^ After such a dogmatic state-
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to be free from putrefaction. This has reference to the note at page 405.
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of natural variation, and represent rather a modification of characteristics
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depend absolutely and exclusively upon a definite degree of any anatom-
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encephalic disease, especially of tumors. In neuro-
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gist keeps a duplicate block of his report for his own refer-