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10 to 20 grs. three times a day. Dilute sulphuric acid, in doses of 15 to

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be followed by pulmonary or generalised tuberculosis. In the secondary

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problem, and accordingly several volunteers were experimented on.

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continuance. The number of hypnotics known are legion and only

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mortality, have been recorded from time to time as having occurred inde-

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orthoform is but little soluble in either liquid petrolatum or olive

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hand, frequently follows acute or subacute catarrh, developed in the course

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imbibition of alcohol is relaxation of the blood vessels ; this is accompanied

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the number is large. During five years ending 1890, seventeen fatal

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Etiology. — Confining the expressions heatstroke and sunstroke to

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ce{far}\ One fl:itch is fufficient for a wound two inches

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the pre\'ious one disappears. They are easily recognized as they produce

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If the patient recovers from the condition of collapse, a state of reaction

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be kept in mind, and a positive opinion arrived at without any delay whatsoever,

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valuable tests of malaria we possess. In remittents, however, its action is

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The head is pulled down, and when the occiput catches behind the

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Leverage is exerted liy the lateral surface of the stump press-

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to bacterial infection. Chronic gastritis is usually called chronic gastric

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If the case has been allowed to progress, however, it may have passed

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characteristic macrocytosis diagnostic of Addison's anaemia.

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Gummatous hepatitis is the most characteristic form. Gummata are

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air, not extremely cold air. I am sure much harm has been

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abnormal auscultatory signs. It is useful to bear in mind that commonly

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it, the treatment is the same as for an abscess of the liver (q.v.). If,

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that the coats of all hairy nnimals are fhorter and

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power, owing to nodular deposits in the testes, is early lost.

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since it is usual to think of all of these as being radically different agencies,

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W. L.^- — -Male — Age 28 Years. Complaints— General Weakness; shortness

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more univerfal than at any other time. Various were

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it may be justifiable to make an artificial anus into the ascending colon,

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