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Lederle ” are in a palatable form, which makes them
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out, which was in part as follows : " Perhaps we do not
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compelled to abandon the prevailing view which Dr. Brown Kelly subscribed
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symptoms whatever indicative of this disease." This statement,
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were offered for assigning the result to neither separately, but to both, in com-
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is no class of diseases more common than those characterized by catarrhal
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as of the one that proved fatal. Very little was done by way of treat-
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portions. Clinically, the existence of this variety of the disease is p» 1
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tary plumbing. Am. Architect., Bust., 1883-4, xiv-xvi,
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imperfectly socialised. His adaptation to the social state is faulty. In
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although as a matter of convenience there could 1)e
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tion, followed by the relapse in which the temperature rises even higher
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vein were free from ulceration. The spleen weighed <»i ozs. ; one
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notwithstanding the first fifty Saenger operations in Europe
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Redding, Alex. H., Cedar Falls, P. and S., Bait., 1887 1881 1904
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respiration, 20 to 24. On August 29, she complained of pain in
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clinical picture that special names have been applied to the syndromes
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a leader in a flock of sheep, bolts over ; and then in spite of all you can do, the
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come the toxins ? and why are they not eliminated ?
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with a labor of twelve hours and delivery of a living child weighing [,750
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lung may be involved at one place, or if following a sequestrum
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" There are," remarks Dr. B., " cases of prolapsus or procidentia uteri, in
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was manifest in improved digestion, gradual gain in flesh, with improvement in
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along the back, 16 inches ; from the vertex to the navel, 8 J inches. This
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what botanists call a tiyma, which is a dryish form
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conversation to-day with our worthy President, I told him I