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sulting from the action of phosphorus. This action is explained by
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and Hilberg, A. W. (Eds.): Proceedings of a Symposium on the
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the manner in which the child presents depends partly on the resistance of the
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worthy of mention are these: pain, spasmodic phenomena, and
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result of several actions at law in which damages have been
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allow him to be an excellent anatomist, I have never
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by the inhalation of any effluvium. In all known diseases, so he
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this disease can take rank with tuberculosis as the etiological factor in the
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and all combined spasms, dependent on diastaltic or reflex actions, are
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able, and sundrie times hath by proportionall Glasses duely situate in conuenient Angles,
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most reputed homoeopathic medicines against presbyopia with
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)ection. HoAveA^er, A\dien this same sanitarian is consulted by a
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without confining the patient to bed. Med. Rec, N. T.,
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I would further remark, with regard to the pouch of
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they arrive at readiness for wider knowledge it will be supplied them.
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has called attention to attacks of angina pectoris associated with diabetes,
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great hardship for long periods. In the past few years
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where he showed discretion by turning the colonel of his regiment,
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and also from that of Jones 6 and of Reh, 7 it is known that on dis-
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and, in his own language, were ^^ raising the devil."
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result of operation has been such as to encourage us ; but ex-
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and forearm, the aspect of the latter was no less remarkable. Its anterior sur-
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down and extends further forward in woman, it may be ankylosed
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l)hates. The nervous phenomena common to all forms of
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dle ; the corresponding parts are then tied. By this means the
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For "Ease" when piles are painful, Cocaine, two grains
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appendicitis recovered spontaneously the physician was
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in a convenient form. Experiments were also made with
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