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of other affiliated colleges of less than three years' standing, and to under-graduates of the same

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The treatment in the cases in which recovery occuned was

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Of some diagnostic import also is the presence in the sputum of

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1 Consult Hildebrant, Ztschr. f. klin. Med., Bed., 1906, lix, 351. See also a com-

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who were identified as psychiatrically ill, the vast ma-

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Fig. 1 10. — General type of termination of the febrile course in the various tropica^

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control" of muscles, was written by one of the best

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enforced, are not as yet very startling. The results obtained in Havana

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traction, the location of which is nearly always the internal os.

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It is reasons like this which account for the conspicuous failure of

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such a large amount of accurate acquaintance on this subject

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one, but is merely an atypical response of the infantile hemopoietic system

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breast vrith milk,but to increase in the blood and lymph supply

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hour day and night, making a pint of brandy in the twenty-four hours, and

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has set itself the task of throwing proper safeguards around

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decompensation; of those whose heart load was 61 to 99 per cent.,

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of hydrophobia, such a claim would not cover the conditions met

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No Candidate can be held to be entered for any Examination till he has

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of the dilated jugular vein in the jugular foramen, arising from

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sis pubis and the cartilage is divided from below up-

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the water should be beyond reproach, and the quantity

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sittings without further renewal of treatment; the treat-

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certain with respect to the determination of the causes of death,

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wisdom and beneficence of the legislature, and afford to many an excited

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ament and its various subdivisions of" bilious," " sanguine," etc., with the confusing

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terior adenoids applies equally to chronic nasal catarrh.

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The majority of the cases under notice came from the valley of the

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weighing and sampling of feed and excreta were skillfully performed