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In short we have here an exquisite example of a combination
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by Legroux, the patient had received a blow in the side
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no stimulants during the early part of the treatment. Of course the nursing
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patients is reported to have been a very hearty eater. Or, as was
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means removal of small tumors, aspiration, amputation of fin-
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roused, then, Avhatever the age of the patient, stimulants must not Le witli-
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A Differential Symptom of Pelvic Cellulitis. By Ely Yax de
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March, 1916, good recovery. Swam in fresh water canal at Tel-el-Kebir at the
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tinate the contracted fibres, permanent and undilatable stricture is
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The state of the patient after operation was unsatisfactory
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patient exhibiting signs of general syphilis, may be referred to
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bulging out of the cheek, but rather a retraction of the buccal muscles.
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The Action of the Water of Llangammarch Wells on Uric
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in coordination of the movements of his hands. Sensibility
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^time. The patient is a good deal emaciated. Appetite is good.
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In the early stages the diagnosis has to be principally made from
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tumor, fever, and angina have seemed to support it. From Senator's time