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raised his head ; the pulse, before imperceptible, began to be
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tions : — In 2-3 of subjects, small intestines ; in 1-9,
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in sclerosis. The red cells are reduced and the white increased,
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in a 1 per cent, solution of corrosive sublimate in alcohol. The gut
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duced at operations, e. g., herniotomy. These abscesses may rupture
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the most effectual mode of accomplishing that object.
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degeneration. The elements lying in the structureless capsule constitute the
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are : (i) a gold medal of the value of five hundred francs ;
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232-242, — Jnmon. Des antipjr^tiques nouveaux; kai-
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mind, so the hypnotised subject, in the somnambulistic
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of no slight originality. We have already carried j information on articular affections and the opera-
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soon recognized it by sight alone. A light held in the same
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ment and recreation. The grounds, naturally beautiful, and possessing noble
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B. When a person suffering from a pneumococcus infection coughs,
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I append an instance which includes a mild joint involvement:
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cluded. Or, the sac may be folded after being tied off and anchored
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etc., from the face by the knife, it is even more sat-
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of articles on " The Therapeutics of Small-pox," for " The New E^igland Medical
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the mortality is high up to the tenth year. From ten to twenty years of
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solely, in order to make the work as respects surgical pathology more complete,
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The affection known as "Hay Asthma," or "Hay Fever," first described
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He was admitted into the Medical College Hospital on June 24,
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CAninr EXCITEMENT RECRUITINGComaneci rotations u-djoioov Right of the Year
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characteristically good shape by the publishers who
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no application could be conveniently made, and which per-
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or by the use of stimulating pediluvia. In abscess of the
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gynaecologists. I fully concur with the writer of the preceding
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cirrhosis to the cancerous growth, and spoke of the
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