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quantity of 4 ounces, to be retained 2, 3, or 4 minutes, will afford
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after the great tire. It is asserted by Entomologists worthy of
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At page 83 we find the following : " The nausea and vomiting
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namely, the receiving of young men, by practitioners of medicine,
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trical action for their excitation ; and every one knows that
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Sixth note — appropriate diet is beyond all other means the
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green. Wegscheider has shown that the green color is the result
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or elsewhere in the alimentary canal or abdomen, and shows that
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su^ar and butter, or lard, are subjected to the process of baking,
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revised by the author, with notes and additions, by Wk. V. Keating,
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acid thereby escaping), the earthy materials are precipitated,
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that an additional method of gaming information implies abandon-
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to subdue it ; but that, since one or other of these periods, the diathe-
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that men who have so largely contributed in bringing out the best
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by the application of the strong nitric acid, it gives us much plea-
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American Journal, by Dr. Packard of Philadelphia, in which, as in
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both cases \ Do not the same molecular forces come into play
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down another, that he may elevate himself upon the fallen body, to
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the following books in preparation for early publication :
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accompany congestion of the brain, were present, with ten-
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planation of the excito-secretory system applied to therapeu-
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pointed out the cases to which it is suited, and prejudice has
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nial to his taste, he early devoted his attention to Chemistry and Pharmacy,
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be its history, it involves alike the political economy of the State and
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The properties of this agent were discussed at length by the members
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rectum. The diagnosis lay between an acute indigestion and
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ten the student enters the office of a practitioner in the spring, reads for
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Already the Committee of Arrangements, with genial Dr.
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slighter forms it does not necessarily interfere with
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blood and the inside of the vessels, he always observed a
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the conjunctiva! sac, carefully applying an aseptic
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class of cases to which we are alluding. Possibly a slight cauteri-
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abscess, it will he necessary for the reader to recall the anat-
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operation. Seven of the eight cases have been completely cured,
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as an expert in insanity. Their opinions, as medical men, might be de-
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t;a perch a to prevent the evaporation of the Iodine.
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trated deeply, and there be danger of pushing it back
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the roads will be as liberal as we have the assurances they will
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asphyxia that the patient very nearly died owing to
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clothing, — or by both these means combined. Accordingly,
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only be accounted for by supposing that the periosteum detached from
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the inflammatory action is almost confined to the lining of the
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