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its surgery, and recognized and treated in reference to this distinction. It is,
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1 Gerster translates this : " The tendon of the biceps is stretched to its full length in
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tistics showing the alleged freedom of the Jews from certain
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and even in the same subject under circumstances not very well de-
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Autopsy. — Hemorrhage in the posterior part of the riglit optic thalamus, and
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listerine, etc., and all pathological incongruities, as de-
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nula being allowed to remain during the after-treatment, and the entrance to the
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Pathological and Clinical Society (Session 1887-88). — President,
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as indicated by the increased watery secretion found
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important and influential, but which at present is very
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Vomiting is often a sign of dangerous vagal involvement in acute pernicious beri-
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between the intestinal flora and the ulcers that so
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afterward disproved. The discovery of the bacillus tuber-
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due to other causes than the gonococci, joint complications
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to sterilize the food. An identical organism was obtained from the bone-
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bellows with whicii he pumped air into a reservoir, a
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seen for the first time at their houses, take down some bedside notes
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not feel warranted in calling it a carminative. a brief
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necessity of more commodious houses and the dtniolition of the
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mately belong to the disease, will be present. This has, no doubt,
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course to a distinct explanation. The pain, too, is usually a transitory
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prevented, or at least rendered less frequent. Among
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removal of uvula. Septal spur removed from right side. Septal
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hopeful principles of the Enlightenment, the process of
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rings had been removed, by two or more incisions, made in different direc-
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finally, if we have only a chance of averting death
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constant symptom of acute pleurisy when the eflTusion is serous,
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total of 952 cases of fraudulent transcripts, unauthentic let-
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application of savine powderjor ointment, furnished the matter
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Case I. — Michael Gavin, aged six years, a fine ruddy- looking
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the gases of fermentation, dies in three minutes when exposed to a temperature
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ous she had coughed up hairs at intervals. During the
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of poisoning from absorption, if the body is not bandaged. The