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than in any other way. Pure alcohol is best, but if it can not be
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of Medicine, which shall be enlarged upon by diligent atten-
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bacillus diphtherise. When conditions are favorable this germ causes
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is only a result of a diffused suppurative inflammation.
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vocabulary made more complete. Professor Sayre has con-
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varied from two months and eight days to six months and nine days.
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This table shows an average for pigs fed on grain and alfalfa of 423
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Smith; Vice President, Dr. J. E. Cowles; Secretary, Dr. Rose Talbott Bullaid;
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usually reduce the temperature several degrees and keep it within the
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fected at the knee and ankle, the mechanical treatment
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In more than half the cases of rheumatic facial paralysis which I have
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abnormal salivation, we should see these cases earlier, when the pouches are
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they shall be dressed, i> e., the question of position and of splints, or cha-
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This parasite has been found in the jerboa (Jaculus gordont) at Khar-
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floor of the skull, and from their position between this and the pons, they
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ple, quinine in the apyretic subject and sodium salicylate
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Jacksonville, 111., October 2d and 3d. The attendance
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Celsus de Medicina, with Ordo and Text, &c. By Robert
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psychical and physical trauma, suggestion, and various
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in the earlier bills of mortality. During the years 1813 to
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It was the first time that I saw chloroform given as the anesthetic in
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temperature was only taken twice. I have known the same thing happen
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iier F'alkes, of the Department of Public Charities, has
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a hot drink, and repeating this once or twice in the
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water-closet, or, better still, burned, lest in some manner
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clavian artery and vein, and crosses the internal mammary artery
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the body of the uterus, with a long, undilated cervix, have
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of nitrous oxide. The number of patients who cannot
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blow-fly hatched from its ova, deposited in the fleeces of the
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soft parts, the ear, skin, tongue, and tonsils being all enlarged. There is an
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the Legislature, — owing to the tremendous excite-