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We continued in that vein, and as we did, I was re- |
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value in returning wounded men to active service in a condi-
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from the practice of rectal irrigation for summer disease of
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in a strap, which he passed through a buckle similarly
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1 to 2,000. The last patient had become infected from the su-
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is a promise which it will be pretty difficult for him to realize,
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powerful effect on the whole system, and in her case excited
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cases in the island being estimated at 10,000. By far the greater
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that all contract surgeons who have rendered satisfactory service
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all do so with less frequency than one would expect
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tities have often been used, and generally with the happiest
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them frequently say that once the Chinese get used to the new beds,
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understanding of the structure, physiology is no less important
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the cases of cholera date back for several days, the period
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panieil by a eroupous exudate; it iK'Curs in connecii<m with a variety o( amdi-
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human life to the outer world— an exhaustive knowledge of all
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his evidence, if, after doing so, he went on the witness stand.
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tlie English — the glycerin preparations of the Vienna museum,
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Of equal importance, it has been our experience that
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alate of lime, which is precipitated; and the phosphoric acid remains in
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Prognosis. — This is often good, especially if the patient makes the effort
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omo-pathological researches on phthisis and chronic
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1. The stone is a calcified myoma. The original impulse to this calcifica-
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which ] have ascertained to be unnecessary,) and the sides of
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village hospital have withdrawn their subscriptions
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The application of cod-liver oil, holding iodine in solution, has been
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of children ; most of them take after their parents more
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Strabismus or squint ; ptosis or drooping of the eyelid ; the
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most respectable sugar-bakers. In summer it is more re-
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Bureau for Handicapped Children cannot serve individuals beyond their
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disinfection. The unopened fleece, too, is not very permeable. Chemical
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primary invasion cases and the number of houses in which they occurred.
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