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to acquire this kind of knowledge that a military establish-
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dressings, administering anesthetics, and taking charge of the- cases during the time the
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lously avoided. We once made a proposition for such a testing to one of the
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the disorder there were two uncommon symptoms. These were long-
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generation and atrophy of the nerve-fibres and ganglion-cells, and increased
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gists, and learned physicians, as Bennet, Watson, and a score of others;
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divided the diphtheritic affections into three forms — viz. angine couen-
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cease while the infection continues. It is true that in other cases the
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jtween the gall-bladder and the bile-duets. Occasionally
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careful observation may, in some instances, show whether, in a case of violent
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parison with the intestines. About the cervix lay some shreds
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one litre of water at the temperature of the ice chest for twenty -four
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substanoes only, but applied it to substanoe in general, to all matter.
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tcr (O.) Ueber die erleichterte objective Kefractioiisiie-
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Reports of three autopsies were given, two of which
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Grand Street, N. Y. a few doors below the junction of East Broadway, with Grand.
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guished from the hereditary causes of tubercular con-
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understood it, and seen its truth and importance. — Yours ever,
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gestions as to the amount of assessments for the coming year, the remunera-
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jion — Disj^ensary Records ; First -Vid to the Injured —
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the capacity for work has been cmj)hasized by the study of Zuntz and
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by the writer, a catheter is passed through the duodenum.
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notomie de I'antagoniste). Bull, et ni6m. Soc. frang.
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tube is inserted or when they are touched with sulphate of copper.
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Treatment of Inebriates— A. M. Rosebrugh, Toronto. Monocular
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joint at the insertion of the pectoralis major muscle, and surrounds the
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allow him to be an excellent anatomist, I have never
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