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he will avoid the paroxysms. If the other element, the peculiar

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correlates with the prevalences^ and age at onseP of AD.

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yet settled, though the prevailing opinion is that it

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of the sdtial, moral and connubial life of mankind as well

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Hogs affected with these diseases should be fed at least

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eft hemisphere of the brain, with effusion of a large quantity of blood which

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tically the whole disease. Such are pernicious anaemia and chlorosis, which

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pure water. Specific gravity of saline solution, 1009. Examined four and a half hours after-

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records of such cases are found elsewhere. In the fatal cases an extension

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stimulating the nerves of the mucous membrane, should pro-

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animal. In its bearing on the question of cause, the

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Cun-an, J. Waruig, — L. K. and Q. C. P. I. etc. p. 32, 39, 115.

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measles — viz. miliary vesicles, and even pustules, as already described ;

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peutique des tissus. Compendium des medications par les

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likewise affected; and Harbitz,*® 1911, described a case where there

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allow this right to the unprofessional discoverer, but

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cases, where I only executed a very limited division of the soft

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liver-cells are intact, or in cases where inoperable tumors

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It is also brighter in color, disa])pears under pressure, except in malig-

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Prodromata. — Prodromata may be almost entirely absent, but

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mended that the present asylum be abandoned and a new one

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and in spite of the administration of quinine, and became so trouble-

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He said he did not feel a day older than forty. With

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siderable quantity. In addition to the chronic cough

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even, have not been unheard of, yet its prognosis re-

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Truby, First Lieutenant Willard F., assistant surgeon, will proceed

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sis and stained like it ; they were obtained in pure culture from

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these issues with patients will provide them the oppor-

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somewhat rare affection, and in its clinical aspects is characteristic

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use of iron is but of secondary importance. Experience teaches dailj

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