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2. Of what the normal healthy action of these structures is.

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Colonel Winter : The question touched upon by General Ireland in

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* Proceedings of the Royal Society, Vol. xii. p. 168.

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the orifice of a perspiratory duct, the inte<,'unicnt bc-

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tertiary period, and is an auxiliary and preliminary to other established

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It is a remarkable circumstance that so little as yet

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after the termination of the epidemic remarkably many cases of neph-

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rible weapon " with which the spankings were adminis-

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1. Incision 2 to 2^'o inches long, vertical, a finger's breadth

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mains for hours in a half-dilated state. If, in spite of such a condi-

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to the future can be offered with less confidence than in senile heart

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exacerbations, and by remissions which vary from a few months to two and

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inches square. A large blister is productive of mors

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time the pain was invariably present. As the breath-

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and high tension in the arteries, this was supposed

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to the heart consists in the so-called accidental murmurs

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the class, and Dr. G. entered into a diagnosis on the

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tions in all of the factors determined in the test in relation to the meals,

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food-stuff which under ordinary circumstances in non-sensitized individuals

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isms to their oxygen supply. Thus, an organism situated at the

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ammonia N, carbon_JL56^ _ ^^ chlorids were 6.4 gms. P^Os 1.68.

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eiimes, he is doomed to death, or to eternal paniBhment. His con-

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vigilance of thousands of great men, aided by all that has been learned

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was also observed to be affected, and later the whole body. Death was preceded

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vena cava, or of one or other of the innominate veins, or of all three of

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Walter G. Klugh, Jr., M.D., of Hot Springs, recently

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800 DOUGLAS ROAD • ATLANTA, GEORGIA • (404) 256-9296

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ten. This is owing to the absence of cold air currents to

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between the clinician and the laboratory worker. Laboratory workers

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ureter should be ligated with catgut and brought sep-

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the ISrain. — Drs. Fenger and, in a paper on this

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changes in blood flow, while the opposite arm showed throughout

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ly) there are* so few Kents ? I have yet to name some of those abominable

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3 J to 8 per cent, of caustic soda ley, of 1 -2 specific gravity. If

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more efficient and indispensable. The patient must not sit up to take food,

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Now it seems to us that these two cases present a very close pai'allel to what