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of fracture of the spine, and to the fact, that more reliable infor-
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anatomy, and that anatomy can only be sufficiently learned
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inferior polioencephalitis, fall into this category. Also Jennings' case
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Lay a disc of puff paste on a round tin, spread a layer (about
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troduce a pipette into the abdominal cavity. If the presence of
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Traumatic scarlatina is that form in which infection occurs in a wound.
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connection, that the reconstruction of the haemoglobin is apt to be
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dreds of lives. Tenotomy by subcutaneous section is
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head for seventeen days, with occasional discharge from the left ear,
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the presence of stones is to dilute the feces and strain through a sieve.
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and in that, it is inferior to emetic tartar : — ■
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Before the operation it was considered that, in ad-
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bowel, and, as it were, to deliver it through the anal ring. I
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pears, and develops into a vesicle of considerable size with bloody contents.
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which have engaged the author's attention. Therapeutic indications in the
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deemed inexpedient to inflict on others a cure which, even in the most
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Dr. E. T. Adams, Cobourg, Ont Homeopathic Examiner.
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active and tireless investigators as to the etiology of malaria. These
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base over Poupart's Ligament and the apex at the anterior
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of the nipple, and limited superficial adhesions, and, it may be, with
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observers became convinced that the primary tumor grew into the veins.
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and nothing more. When we have acquire^, through other
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contention he points to the fact that nearly all nervous diseases of
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the exploring finger as it presses on the dura; there is no pulsation.
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ing. The inferior animals are not tortured with Russian bandages.
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the fingers I have resorted to the method of effluvation, as developed
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"wet cloths between waterproof coverings. Dry heat is often
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Indeed, it is almost certain that the cause of cholera
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about the dangers of the nitrites, nitroglycerin and the nitrates. He
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to the neck of the sac. The tumor was carefully ex-
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Total number of cases of chronic forms of rheumatism 28
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utter indifference to the result of the operation, are very
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rapidly, and without exception was as good as or better than the
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hepatic hemorrhage reported in the two cases described in this paper.
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think that is as good a name as any — Medical jurisprudence
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148 A Few Cases of Suppurative Middle Ear Disease, the Compli-
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unable to flee from the pestilence. Those who recover
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negative or doubtful reaction in reference to lactic
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Amputation, right thigh. Sepsis of stump. Slow convalescence. Good recovery.