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began immediately after birth — a point of great importance in the
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tropme. J d. sc. med de Lille. 1899 ii, 121-120 —
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matter of historical interest, to state in this article what we know of arrow
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the stout the slender ; the tall the short. To marry each its like,
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Mikulicz,f after making a careful anatomical examination of seven-
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stores in the town where I lived, and found that lie
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that the Society will render still greater services to
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This was done in the ordinary quiet way, as used with people
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The fact that the above method did not nourish the body
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sion of the eve will be markedlv diminished, and if the wound is seen
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are recorded, but more often parrots have obtained the disease from
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\ ng, physical and moral, of the child. It describes the proper room in which the
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involved the anterior three-fourths of the inferior turbinal was removed
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about it. On awaking next morning he found himself unable
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7. — A Deferred Pension to commence at the death of the life
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at Suez, and formerly Matron to St. Mary's Hospital,
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some others, followed and entertained the same opinion, but
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Resort to the hot bath would naturally be suggested when the pains
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dark green and smooth above and rusty woolly beneath. They
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rapidly dilated with the fingers, the forceps were applied, and a living
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said more than two hundred. Let us see how many you can
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fect fashion compared with those of other European Pow-
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yet the relative increase or decrease of haemoglobin
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come into existence. But remember this, if you forget everything else
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appears a somewhat remarkable paper, from the pen of Dr. Salisbury,
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