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water six parts. (For infants and children the same as Arnica.)
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to parturition, or in whose cases the unusual len^h of labor, the fre-
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girl aet. 15 a colossal cystoma, which had grown so rapidly as to enlarge
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blood along into the veins, whereas in the upright rubber tube, the
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details. To enable him to superintend the administration, he is
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sert the index finger and explore the intestine to ascertain if
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ments for extending the advantages of consultation to those
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parasites to be only stages in the development of Laverania malaria.
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correspond to the imaginary cylinder which we have considered. The
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in this paper, at the meeting of the American Medical Association
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constantly growing demand upon the present hospital,
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ated every three weeks. I told them there was no reason why
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of consumption, for the conclusion may be thus briefly stated :
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3. The number of invaded houses supplied in whole or in part,
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powers," it is very justly observed by our author in the begin-
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Bearing in mind the disasters of the surgery of less than twenty years ago, as