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convulsion ; lochia entirely suppressed ; 8 a.m. a second

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Mr Tytler's and Mr Royston's summary of the opinions respecting the endemic ard

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received much attention, and the literature, especially that devoted to

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tical point of view in this instance, it is of no importance what-

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time, so that the bacteria will sink to the lower layers. Tubercle bacilli are especi-

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tmallgiUs in our pyijmie, and their situation, were much the same

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ausculting his patient. — {Colorado Med. Jul. Nov. '09.)

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fingers, when burned, require to be sedulously guarded against adhe-

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the Higher Branches of the Science. With Engravings. 8vo. cloth, 1 0s.

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phase of the subject in particular, belongs to Hegar.'

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that forms the proper object of examination. Mr. Hunter re-

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philosophers, that we can learn the art of interrogating nature ; and

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N. Fatehi, MD, Neurological Surgery, 1020 Independence

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in a disorderly house, the landlord, whether he knew it or not,

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his clinical facts, as well as his general knowledge of internal

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The Hygiene of Infancy Prize (1,000 francs) : **A Cliii

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ment, which, on examination, proves to be due largely to gaseous con-

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or two feet In twelve cases absolute loss of the eye oc-

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• The work described refers to that of the Danvers Stj»te Hot^pital.

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latorius; 2, inexcitability of the ejaculation centre; 3,

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In badly infested cases the entire intestinal canal

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roenced to descend, and in 50 minutes stood at 36® C.

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serial order of the reaction of degeneration. Bell's palsy is rarely sudden,

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tres, the .30 calibre bullet has decided explosive* ef-

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charge is also, according to my observation, very much

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ily as to constitute ajwplexy, although, doubtless, coma induced

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the patient Imgers for weeks in a typhoid condition. An unfavorable

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vomiting recurred five or six times, and again on the third day. Head-

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in connection with the compulsory school vaccination

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