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not dishnguish all the features of the various substances
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2. Baker and Graves, Am. Jour. Obstet., Sept., 1903.
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early age of 22, he was chosen to fill the Chair of Chemistry in
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advancing inflammation, while bej^ond the confines of the spreading
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The selection of a field in which you shall labor is
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ous poultices, medicated, perhaps, with laudanum or an alkaline solution.
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painted with a strong iodin solution as a test, of which
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of the bones, skin, glands, peritoneum, lungs, etc., in both
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the femur to the lev! of the opposite side, and subse-
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correspond to the imaginary cylinder which we have considered. The
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about the intestines under normal conditions prevents the intestines from
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have not uniformly the same symptoms : on the contrary, it
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Db. John W. Mcbpht presented a young negro girl, with
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been anesthesia in the center, with normal sensation just out-
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Iodoform Gauze Left in the Abdomen and Found in the
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1st. The chance of the uterine contractions, either not com-
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surface of the hearty is detectable by means of physical signs with
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You are aware that Belladonna is believed by many to exert a preven-
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Liebig'8 food for infanta, careftilly prepared with freely diloted cow's milk, will
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early married by advice of mother, who herself acknowledges similar warmth
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height on his first visit to me, and that night he had very
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our phenomenon. I wish to add that in studying the effect of a
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the motor center, or else that tracts from each of these
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of the professors at Farmer's College. He also attended the
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support of our legal authorities. This, probably, would not be long withheld,
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bv Svlvcster's method and galvanism. Respiration, however,
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and inoculation. It is peculiar to recently calved cows.
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be accomplished, by both internal and mild, but persist-
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The trypanosomes set free are the long free stomach-type
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society upon the individual, and now we do not expect our cler-