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pellagrins of the two sexes in our study where we have 118 daughters

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Board adopted the following resolution at their last meeting :

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spoken of ; it is not a complete isolation, but merely a cutting of the

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bed up over one shoulder, doAvn through the axilla, across the back to the

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leukemia and Hodgkin’s disease. Diabetes accounted

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that he examined carefully to see whether the velum

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the house when starting on his trip to the water cure

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held at Delancey School, Philadelphia, for the purpose of agi-

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the peritoneal coverings of the liver in different places, from

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persistent thymus in adult life, might throw some light on both these

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*1886. Fitz, Reginald H., 18 Arlington St., Boston.

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ventricle of the heart. Then follows the contraction (systole) of

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Oldenbourg, Louise A., 4749. San Francisco, Med. Dept. Univ. California. May 13, 1896.

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physiological and pathological doctrines, but by the appe-

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a correct diagnosis. A sudden return of the natural color of

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A few other reported cases in the suburban villages

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long, intimate and accurate personal observation, and the latter deny

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most pressing needs of the State is a hospital in which the less

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Sidney, Shaftesbury, Armstrong, Howard, and Russell joined hands

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rounds the pustule. The IjTciph then becomes turbid, its contents gradually

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right forearm, and a distinct band of discoloration some

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of the Empire state. Knowing the cause of this malady,

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