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he was requested to see by Dr. Ferdinand Beach. The patient
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said that I believe in some instances infectious disease, and especially
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ing food. The eyelids remained permanently open, and the eyeballs were carried in
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pacted to such a degree as to prevent the application of for-
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chains, feel that in our profession we are united. We are with
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to that reputation. The review of the progress of medicine is
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in our contemporary, " Brit, and For. Med. Chir. Review,'*
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usual chance is given for originality, i The lesions vary
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pain, and we therefore concluded that no obstruction would be
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Plastic operation for the obliteration of a large cavity in
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characteristically good shape by the publishers who
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the medical journals, a work of this kind is invalu-
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look this distressing symptom, which in itself indicates
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tracted ligaments than in those which have be<n over-
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was poured in from above, the ventricle held water perfectly. There were also
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the cardiac disease, should be given in small quantities, and diluents should
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tive tract and see that sufficient sleep is obtained ; and too, it is
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times broken and much injured. Tliis is a serious defect,
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magnitude of this task, it is thought, can nowhere be better appreciated
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mize additional lung injury? We know that the prophylactic
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oodd drink, whilst the body has been overheated, the very obvious indi-
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contents thoroughly cleared out. Fortunately the cyst was single ; a perfect
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were found here and there wherever the hand was passed ; the pelvis
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circulation depends upon the power and existence of the nervous system, not only in a
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usual, the three characteristic indications of treatment.
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mentary constitution. A moment's reflection will show that this is a
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consider them identical acknowledge their clinical difference, while those
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differentiated from that of glucose, but that of pentose has a melting
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only objection to the casts shown, and indeed to all casts, was that
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of the patient whose expectorations had been used for inocu-