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presence of giant cells, beginning diffuse sclerosis and eosinophilic

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were the large blood- vessels. The old man bore the

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theritic. The weaker solutions, although non-irritant,

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only point to the objects, and say little else than " See

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atmosphere to two or three fifths of an atmosphere, and

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Eats and drinks with relish, and in abundant cpiantity. Pulse, 78.

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manner desci'ibed in our text-books ; to use in the removal of the tumors

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ting, and a discharge. On examination the parts are found

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common form is characterized by delirium of grandeur. The patient lives

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Soc. de m6d. prat, de Par., 1889, 833-836.— Typhoid fever.

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ell as of the bronchial tubes, has also presented marks of the local action

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la varicelle. Arch, de med. d. enf.. Par., 1898, i, 153-164. —

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normal ; the differential count shows nothing typical of the condition.

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acteristic phenomena is then brought into exercise. Tlie physician, in these

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M. Grellety observed that Dr. Bouchard gives a tablespoonful of charcoal every

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On the chemical composition of lung-stones, see Stern. 1

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defined by concentric circles of 500 and 1,000 mile radii

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pail was made and raised over the bed. with a tube so placed as to carry a small

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portation have forwarded a protest to the Senators at

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coal oil. Give Sulphur mixed in molasses, and if improvement

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tailed t test comparing the data base on day 5 of MV vs the

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In the early part of the disease, cold applications to the neck may be

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Obstetrics, etc. in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York. Second

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and the woman died undelivered. Mr. Streeter also advocated

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In July, 1885, I had the opportunity of examining the

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point of fracture, the case seemed to be an especially good one,

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Christiania by Dr. Jens Bugge iZiegler's Bettrdge, IS96, 19, p. 433). Similar observations

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Dr. Post, in a discussion before the New York Academy of Medicine (May

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It is thus evident that no definite period can be fixed ■ at which the

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Mr. Otto R. Lofstedt, whose interesting notes on the

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terrible symptoms. I need not detail them in a Journal designed for the

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warm, but becoming aggravated by the least exposure to cold. This form of

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a common enol furnishes a plausible reason for the mutual utilizability

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The cascum is neither " prolapsed," hypertrophied, nor dilated ;

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bership not only internists, but also pathologists,

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The first question presenting would be, is there a recognized

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water. If she could not be induced to take sufficient water,

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peratures between 30° and 40° C, but they are not very

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