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defective vision might cause one to take a warped view

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is well known, and deservedly so. Vierordt's " Physiology "

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how far this treatment should be accepted as the routine procedure in

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Average precipitation from Sept. 1 to date, 17.30 inches.

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ancestral times, is going on with great rapidity in the

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four grains may be given every hour. It is most useful, I think, when

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be employed as a therapeutic agent. It may be regarded now as

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knee-jerk, are the chief features presented by this case,

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MO. Contact: Barry Kling, University of Missouri-Columbia

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felt, not only by every teacher of medicine, but by every one

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referred to the statement made that a low position of the transverse

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[As the author omits from his table of cases of phthisis all reference

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servations have not met with the notice they deserve,- — at least, they have

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» Med. Record, March 11, 1899. « Berliner, klin, Wochen,, May 17, 1915.

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more extended report of this case, and who knows but that

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firm and resisting structure, might give rise to the phenomena of Cerebro-Spinal Menin-

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temporary benefit with relief of the agonising headache and urgent

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cases. Trophic disturbances are very frequent, and an affection of the

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dermically at 8 a. m., 4 p. m. and 8 p. m., giving a tonic