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consisting almost entirely of altered and partially coagulated and concreted blood.
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It will also be observed that the male foramen is longer and narrow-
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produce Disease in the Brain. By Joseph Toynbee, F. 11. S. (" Proceedings" of
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ness. He also was from the Quartermaster's Department. He was
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glass at once. The dry and fixed blood-preparation is then
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of the advantages to be derived from them, forms the third
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we found them of unusual size. I have the kidneys here,
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same position on both sides. They are flat, hollowed-out, and
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used by the Army. The veterinarian acts as a technical adviser on
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tion should be certified to the city controller, and should be
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to such complaints, not from the fact of their working in
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Cat 45, weighing 3.2 kilos, was fed a rich mixed diet and was injected
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present state of our knowledge, it is inexplicable.
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trol of this case, he surely could have claimed the
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mentioned by Dr. Sansoni in this very article of his
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in the reports have been in many respects followed, to the ben-
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region sensitive to pressure, but not especially painful.
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not surprising that the American Army never succeeded
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May 9, thirty days afterwards, the whole mass was reduced without
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the base. The second sound is normal. Pulse 100, small and soft. Considerable
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which in difficult cases will be excluded by noting
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