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be doubted that a patient with laryngeal and pulmonary

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at birth there is no evidence of active epiphyseal new-bone formation. These

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occasion of voluntary movements. If a patient is told to drink a glass of

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there is something wrong with the bowel. Mucus or mucopus may

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stitute acute rheumatism. Thus, wherever there was acute

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and all the details of the mode of examination are very lucidly de-

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involving the constant respiration of carbonaceous particles. Cases such

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ment of circulatory power resulting from a favorable social or

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General scheme, of treatment in eczema. — A. Acute eczema. — The treat-

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and it was so effective I have been an enthusiast for it ever since; would not use

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there really can be one member of that Board who is

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the disease under difierent methods of treatment amply warrant Dr,

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ning of the f th, twenty-four hours after the first operation,

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The superior oblique muscle supplied by the fourth nerve rotates the

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tem is ruined, and the patient either dies from apoplexy

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made up, the name of Samuel McKee Crowell will be there.

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of the spinal cord, No. 5, Lecture III.), a molecular death, by

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Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. His death brought to a

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Bickerman, H. A., and Beck, G. J.: Dis. Chest 27:515, 1955. (8) Arbesman, C. E., and Ehrenreich,

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particularly marked in hereditary syphilis. Enlarged tonsils may give rise to a

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dyspnoea and palpitation on exertion, and occasional severe pain in the cardiac

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roenced to descend, and in 50 minutes stood at 36® C.

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or not to risk wasting the antitoxin on the case. Both

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patient on a mixed diet. A retention of nonprotein nitrogen follows the sweet-

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reaction neutral or slightly alkaline. Until the day before his

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for the first time since the incision of the tumour in July. A con-

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course, to provide a remedy for the threatening de-

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they are organic substances, exceedingly minute, destructible by high

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This has been the mission of our Asylum; this the exalted priv-

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becomes blind in the left, then falls unconscious and

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journals should be marked New England Medical Gazette, and sent to the publishers, Otis

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wall of rectum ; uterus enlarged to nearly twice its

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so-called exceptions properly, we must bear in mind a source of error,

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asthma violent efforts are made to compel the entrance of air into the

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Pathognomonic signs are beaded appearance of the retinal ar-

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being deprived of the large doses to which they have

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of some carelessness or exposure, not to allow a patient recovering

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the quarantine surgeon, who found evidence of the disease on

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on one occasion during a climb he could hardly believe that the

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Dc. Fraser, be given at the very beginning of the attjick, fur when musclee oontract

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2. In cases of ascertained incomplete rupture, treatment