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LOTION FOR COW-POCK. Sal ammoniac \ oz., white vinegar

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1st. That a hard and elastic, or an intractable stricture is never permanently

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Examination of her blood had revealed oligocythaemia (about

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consist in the first instance in lassitude and depression, attended with

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had been observed a number of years ago by various physicians,

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York, which surely would not have appeared if the writer

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l)ressions from contact with external bodies, and judge witli more

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does the child resort to mouth-breathing, which, how-


ever, having had four or five bad attacks every night. He is

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or standing, disappearing after the recumbent })Osture has been maintained

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admitted a forefinger ; the iter admitted a lead-pencil ; the fourth ventricle

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trative board, and not a court or judicial body. It says that

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bladder aids in its precipitation. On the other hand,

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tality from consumption has been steadily decreasing . .

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practice as an oculist. It is not, indeed, to be expected that a handbook,

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On bimanual and on rectal examination, the ri^htside of

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curative and preventive agents never dreamed of by our predecessors.

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turned to the common good" — curative serum therapy was established.

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the stages between tlie filariform larvre and the adult worm, which is not

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heart he says : " The clinical diagnosis of diseases of the heart

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criticise his introductory lecture ; and it a great school of general as well as

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mater ; and the " visceral layer " as nothing but an outermost condensed

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symptoms are much aggravated by any form of jolting.

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upon white sugar-candy." Other receipts in the book deal in

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carditis, oedema of the lungs, pleural effusion, a large heart and

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immortal deserts of this one of their immortal countrymen. In

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or from the action of certain drugs, especially digitalis.

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lobes of various animals, birds, rabbits and dogs were removed, cauterized or laid bare ; the

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Chappin A. Harris, M, D., Prof, of Practical Dentistry.

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The same means may be used with benefit in intra-spinai

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plexion ; bloated face, and cold, blue skin ; fainting fits, particularly during^

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The object of this lecture was to show — 1st, that the Medical

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afforded the patient the slightest relief; she was wasted to a mere skeleton.

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arterial wall, but, conversely, from the arterial wall to the blood-column.

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Litholapaxy. A case of litholapaxy, Sherman, F. M., 324.

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mund Owen, W. P. Herringham, Samuel West, Arbuthnot

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inwards and backwards. Insertion, into the whole length of the