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* Dr. Kelly writes : "Dr. Ramsay had to a remarkable degree a quality

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The inoculated animals can be separated into groups, de-

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A man, three weeks before being brought to the Vienna General Hospital, had

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resulted from some inherent cause in the person, probably roused into

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No. 2441t-842. — From the Royal Hungarian Ministry for Agriculture, Comsierce, and Trade, to the Honouradle Mr. Sohaeffer, Aulic

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There are frequent outbreaks in Texas. It is a very disabling

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write or place their works of reference, are very ill suited. In several cases

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exhibited at the Pathological Society, involved all the arterial

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perhaps fifteen to one, is preferable. He has seen good results from

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Raw pumpkins alone. — Burkett* fed one lot of hogs on a ration of

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well known as acromegaly. He also pointed out the enlargement of the

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crowded against the cornea, and the tension was much