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also with pneumonia, and usually die. The tissue changes in chronic alcohol*

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plague control is equivalent to rat control. . . .”

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While in adults these intestinal flagellates usually cause only a diarrhoea, with

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.still the property of the author or of the profession, not

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bluish-white in color; margins well defined; all the

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naturally turn back to survey the course I have passed through, with a view to

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the sulphur ointment mentioned just above may be apj)lied in small

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tion ; sore throat ; tonsils and mucous membrane of pharynx swollen and red. There

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stroke. In twenty-five instances pupils belonging to higher

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gular space is enlarged by sitting up and by bending forward. When


euchinin, I find that euchinin is a more powerful antipyretic than

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sponse to the sensations is modifiable by the will.

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would in a great majority of cases indicate what was feared, and not the

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Since then this method of operation ha.s been three

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of a pair will simultaneously show the same alteration, forming lancets

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other slight modifications may be necessary. If any por-


prevent in these cases, would be attained, if instead

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In scanty menstruation conium and Pulsatilla are of

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were well nigh exhausted from the incorrigible vomiting of preg-

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dangerous cases, they frequently possess a pungent and

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fession concerning its educational, legal and sanitary welfare

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to meet with three such instances of perforation ; each of which took

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know that cocaine combined with atropin is often more readily