Body: (a) via digestive tract with contaminated food and water; (b) via respiratory tract by the inhalation of tubercular spray ejected by coughing or lowing infected cattle; (c) via genital organs during coitus; (d) via udder "in" through (a) Calves and swine are commonly infected through milk from creameries, especially skim milk obtained by centrifugal separation.

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The and association of secondary dilatation with hypertrophy is only evident in three instances. The viscera for are particularly prone to the condition. This and the presence of a gait with a slightly widened base could lead us to drug believe that he would have some impairment of the posterior column sense. This method of study also gives us a more clear-cut "can" means of detecting the influence of the secretions from other endocrine glands on the ovarian reaction. In addition, the results of the present series new are in harmony with our preliminary observations.

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