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Tuberculosis — (a) Tuberculous meningitis. — This is only likely to be con-
tinguish the two types of typhus fever from Rocky Mountain
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minent death from asphyxia by drowning, from gases, etc., in
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cardial weakness. A thick chest wall may produce a soft
Whooping-Cough. — It is only in that form of whooping-cough
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ing from the total disappearance of the pseudo-membranous
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Convulsions are of very rare occurrence. Cutaneous hyperesthesia is
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existence by degenerative changes in the renal tissue. The chronic interstitial
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(d) Identify the gonococcus group by colony form and
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practice of medicine under some form of fraud or deception, or
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1. Fatal case of typhus in a male adult ; examples of the temperature curve
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motile organism may move sluggishly or rapidly, and the number
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pital, and at the consul's, Gen. Weaver's, — a very fine gentleman,
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causing cries, and sanguinolent stools. Cramps in the calves de-
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g. It must be remembered that because of the antigenic simi-
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become much more marked. She has had some slight dyspnea