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tip and edges of the tongue ; whereas, according to Panizza,
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Four hundred and ninety-eight of the 16,617 children were
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cates the disease except to those who are in immediate proximitj^ to pa-
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ing the frequency of the current of moderate intensity.'* We
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cases in which the disease is uncomplicated. The skin is usualty dry and
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chromatic basophile granules. Also fat drops were demonstrated
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On t!ie previous day, wliilst walking across the road opposite
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Art. XII. — All Account of a Human Foetus without Brain
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Convulsions are generally due toumemia, but, occurring early in young
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was a case of this kind which led me to try the effect of an im-
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trasting the condition during this period with the condition before the
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in Scliaeffer's case, (Fig. 4. C.) Upon the right foot of the
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holism, white cerebral softening, and disease of the heart. ^ It remains
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the study were on the whole negative. Either the myelin
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extending over a greater or less space. When limited in extent the
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cases the seizure occurs without premonitions ; the patient may have
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nience be consolidated into the following statement: although re-
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what course does light pursue through a transjiarent globe con-
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discoverable cause whatever — cases in which there had been no previous
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sions denote a morbid erethism and weakness of the organs of generation.
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present year. The portion of the penis which was remaining
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efficient agents are living organisms, either animal or A^egetable ; and,
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from taking food embittered with it. His conclusions are,