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it does not seem to occasion any functional disturbance whatever.
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its smaller size) rapidly to the posterior wall of the pharynx, and up
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the more conscientiously the attendant went on squeezing.
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tions of Mr. Callaway. The mere determination of the length of the arm
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and oedema had quickly supervened. Finally it had been loos-
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ment are equally simple. There has been much discus-
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on in the vicinitj' of London-wall. A detailed and authentic
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ing of this bruised feeling. There was a little irregularity
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In America, where obstructions were thrown, as here, in the way of the
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after injury (see 'British Medical Journal,' Oct. 23rd, 1875).
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signifies difliculty of digestion. Now, digestion may be
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colored blood corpuscles, without any abnormal increase of the colorless corpuscles, and
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names is a guarantee of the value of the papers to be contributed by them.
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The Loewi & Co., Inc., booth will offer investment in-
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‘A six-point scale was used, with the scales scored from 0 to 100
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expense of arterial blood. It is, however, more probable that this is
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Exp. 4. — A well-fed dog, that would eat no vegetable food, was fed
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tion, but sooner or .later in the majority of cases, the rent
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whose presence it vras impossible to continue discus-
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are first affected, and the latter are invaded only secondarily.
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been no trouble with the eyes until May 7th, when she
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medical legislation. There are many cases in this connection,
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jury in order to convict him, to find that Mary Tur-
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should nurse it if possible, and none but the gravest consideration
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mitral regurgitant murmur, albuminuria, dyspnea and cough.
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The treatment for multiple hairs would be the obliteration of the
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Mayer then quotes a number of authors who have found trypano-
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building will be occupied by the departments of bac-
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large doses of nitrat of potash {sal nitri), and the repeated exhi-
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cricoid ring of the Boston child is different from that of
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Med. Press & Circ, Lond., 1890, n. s., Ixii, 53-57. See. also,
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tensive burns it is sometimes practicable to place them in a bathtub
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until it is as stiff as it can be stirred with a spoon, liking this method-
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