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1. Avoid fungi in the button state, and in the decayed state

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tricians puerperal fever often raged in communities for

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supervenes, and this is a most interesting condition and one

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form of delirium occurs in paroxysms that are most apt to appear at

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(a) The Fever. — This is usually of the ' continued tyj^e, and tends to

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the teeth are concerned. The nut is oily, fairly high in pro-

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pleasant flavor. The fruit is gathered green, but full grown,

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surface is shown by the fact that persons occupying the upper stories

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Those diseases in which nutrition, hsematosis, and tissue change

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probably see, on account of his training, some youthful mem-

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best remedy is the salicylates of sodium or strontium, in

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of streptococci in the serum. The idea was to neutralize the

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the various methods of treatment. The figures astounded me when I

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effective than phenacetin, but is not quite so free from injurious action

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The pure acid is also used, though not to any great extent at the present

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This point had never been referred to before the appearance of my

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its surface is often furrowed by the impress of the ribs. Being airless,

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" The treatment is grateful to the patient. It can be managed

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ale really, the malt used being dried at a greater heat. Brown

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though exhibiting the faculty in marked degree of neutralizing typhoid

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creases, the upper portion of the fat cushion is supplied by the cutane-

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plained as follows : By reason of the increase of large areas of the

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to have a fissure or excoriation upon the hand. No doubt lupus also

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Differing from all other works on hydrotherapy, this book is

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interfering with its nutrition, and thereby interfering with

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command which was so valuable. The influence upon the respiration,

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incapable of entering the system by cutaneous imbibition. These are

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cast off as dead tissue. The better the crop of leaves, the

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Site of Infection. — In the human family the seat of election of the

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atkl to the vaso-motor disturbance and, to a correspond ing dep-ee.

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the food had only contained 100 grammes of protein, and had

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Recent investigations tend to show that the chief defence of the

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purchased at any good dairy-supply house, with full direc-

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I can testify from personal experience to its beneficial effect in. (

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had no experience with the Brand bath in typhoid fever, and I am free to con-

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why certain districts which were very liable to the aff"ection should have

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The pulse keeps pace with the rise of Pulse falls while the fever is rising.

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The Elemenits of the Science of Xiitritioii. liv Cii;AU.\M Lrsic.

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such agencies. Again, in influenza we usually observe the general

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bears evidence, not only of its incalculable importance, but also of the

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