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highest importance. BrowJ^uces should not be as thick as
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of his malady, on arriving at the mountains, is sudden and striking. His first
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cially by the bromides ; but when this was neglected
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been surely diminishing. The operation, as it ought to be
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has two concavities and a ridge. The extremity is rough and
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1903, Brumpt, at the post-mortem of a negro whose blood con-
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2d. The total number of deaths from Traumatic Tetanus, occurring amongst both
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— the one is, that they know they arc going to be examined
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On account of the great disparity of work in our literary-
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tis as it tapers down to its pedicle of attachment to the
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suffering from a rheumatic affection of the joints which
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tions of the brain, spinal cord, &c. Their con-
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and was open but ten or twelve minutes. The pedicle was short, so the clamp
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All letters, whether intended for publication or not, must contain the
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ferred upon them, or, if injected after infection has occurred, may neu-
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cocci, in which the inflammation follows usually the
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the local conditions are variable factors. The cheesemaker must
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production, increases with rising concentrations of enzyme though at a very
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In greater detail and with an excellent series of illus-
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skeletal asymmetry and variation. From measurements in sev-
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compile records of all men who served in any capacity, whether at home
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bacteriology of milk, the relation of bacteria to the nitrifica-
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The Committee is further of opinion that the means taken by
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invaded by the neuralgia. During the attack the eye is red, injected, and
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rhagic cases may at times be the immediate effect of an accident.^ In not a
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in conjunction with Mr. Newport, verified the preceding statement ; they found that lateral
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urge the trite remark that an educated physician is Something
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closely associated with the problem of splinting. Transport is infinitely
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four hours after death. The body was much emaciated
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better water ; fight it by inducing the members of the Legislature
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much less phagocytable? and more virulent. Both types produce
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ern India, invaded the vast empire of Russia, striking many parts of
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exogenous adrenocorticosteroids on ACTH secretion. Dex-
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cine" and Paragraph 1 of the resolution defining the position of the
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(2) Management of Vesical Neck Obstruction— Frederic E. B. Foley
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specialty. The anesthetist should be an anesthetic specialist, both in theory
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five thousand each year for the last decade, and doubtless this
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prevent the body from falling backward. When we reflect that the full
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who cannot will at least be better off than the majority of
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the next day, we found she had had no fit since 3 a.m.
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perature began to go up, pulse ascended so that by eight o'clock in the
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do so and with each other, opening on the surface of
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